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there is achrome extension to fix it, mine didnt work either. It worked for me:
csgo trading
I don't think it is worth it, unless you can spend hundreds or thousands of dolars. You will always have to pay a fee for transations, be it on steam or other means; it will make harder to get any pro...
What stewie said about grim
oh, yeah. That is not because of 2y without meaningful results, it is snake two faced toledo fault.
best manga
can't really say, I started the manga where the anime ends. But the anime is totally worth it, only behind one piece on my personal list
best manga
One Punch Man, Sun Ken Rock, Bersek and HxH. too bad SKR is way too 'hot', it makes the manga way funnier, but I don't like the sex appealing unnecessary parts
Top 5 Anime
One Piece HxH Haikyuu Steins;Gate Trigun Honorable mentions : Fate Zero/stay night, Kaguya-sama<3, Mob Psycho, Shigatsu wa Kimi no uso.
r8 newest pl rap
Just in some specific parts of SP. São Paulo is statistically the safest state in Brazil
stewie &fallen leaving Liquid
Fallen and Cold team
I know it is a joke, but I find really disrespectful putting the name of legends with no namers, toxic personalities and cheaters in the same team. Really disrespectful to Wave and Togs
COL : Official Lineup
Fallen and Cold is enough. Bring 3 youngsters, it is better than hoping that old players will get back on form, Hen1 is acceptable tho. But they need two(at the very least) young rifle abusers