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GTA 5 gameplay is drive somewhere get cutscene go do some task complete it ride to somewhere get another cutscene and it continues the same boring gameplay with nothing to do in the open world
Mouz should build around Ropz and Frozen
They should bring back Oskar hes old man with experience and still a lot of skill in him much better than Acor
Anonymo vs SINNERS
He lost them this game he doesn't deserve being freed for throwing
Anonymo vs SINNERS
+1 These players not good enough even for tier 3 and these guys want to play tier 1 but these 2 bots will not allow it
m0NESY, Aunkere, fear transfer-listed in NAVI Junior
Aunkere tier 4 max M0nesy overrated and should be in tier 2
Entropiq vs SINNERS
They want to throw for money They no grind
Anonymo vs SINNERS
Aren't there better players than Zedko and Beastik in Check Republic?
Entropiq vs SINNERS
Where did you get that information? Ohh yeah right from your ass
Entropiq vs SINNERS
Its their job how could they be tired when playing few hours of video game a day while I am working 10 hours and not t bitching
Anonymo vs SINNERS
Its sad to see Oskar falling off what a legend there were times when he was the best player in this Sinners team but now hes the worst
BLAST Premier World Final schedule revealed
Gambit will win the blast final and start the Gambit era while s0mple cry in background
Eternal Fire Academy Team
It is super impressive that they got so high in rankings in such a short time while other teams played for a year and a half and still didn't even get to top 30