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FaZe rain
I'm pretty sure most players in fpl can come close to his aim skills. Finding an entry fragger is definitely more easy than a good support player with good gamesense. And yeah olof didn't perform that...
S1mple 1.43 rating
S1mple is a true goat. Eventhough I despite some of his behaviors and also things he has done in the past I still respect him as a player. He is unique and no player can get close to him maybe next pl...
FaZe rain
Well I think it's easier to find replacement for rain cause you can always find good aimers but it's harder to find someone like olof who is a great team player, who can make sacrifices for the team a...
FaZe rain
No he should not be entry but he can have rains other roles on ct side. Karrigan should entry and ropz support /anchor
Nip must kick plopski
Lol he is not low iq player. He is maybe not at his best performance but I'm pretty sure things were not so smooth in nip recently which could be the reason for their players to underperform. Rez coul...
NBK returns
Why not? Him and amanek would be a good addition there
FaZe rain
Rain is really really good individually but I would have not remove olof but rather rain instead. Olof is smarter player and is useful in a lot of things. Ropz could have easily fit in rains roles whi...
Best French Players(All versions)
1. ZyWoo 2. Shox 3. Amanek 4. KennyS 5. NBK 6. RPK 7. Misutaaa 8. apeX
Ropz move overhyped?
Exactly but most people here have literally no clue about cs
Ropz move overhyped?
Ropz is gonna be support