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HLTV lets go!
Last year arguments could at least be made, even though I think s1mple should have been #1 last year as well. This year s1mple is just so far above everyone else, the idea of him being #2 is silly
awp is OP
That's fair mens)) carry on
awp is OP
Good awps need great riflers to be able to make space and help set them up for success. Every team has 4 people on rifles so just statistically speaking you're looking at a very different pool of play...
HS %
Oh for sure. You can tell he's not like intentionally going for headshots like Scream very obviously was. It's just how is raw aim works out which makes it impressive
HS %
I mean it's mostly just a product of ALWAYS aiming for the head. I know this seems extremely obvious, but the way I DM and prac is always headshots. In matches it translates over fairly well and I end...
You'll find your motivation will always vary over time. It's about how to bounce back that really matters, don't worry about the loss of motivation, just think about what you're going to do about it t...
the kyojin bit couldn't be any more relevant now compared to when this was initially posted lmao
Life advice
Practice delayed gratification and work towards long term goals instead of being a degen.
Nexa scammed
+1 lmao
Burger King and Coca Cola
Five guys isn't as good in my opinion and it is the most expensive out of the 3. It could just be my experience, but five guys always comes out super sloppy and smashed, their fries are either over fr...
daps forms new roster under Orgless banner
It's more so every team he joins always withers away and dies because he's a terrible leader