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flashpoint 4 when
As #33 said, it's nothing to do with tech pauses. It's about restarting and postponing games. Dumb rule imo but it was the rule, not the admins' fault, they don't make the rules
gaming mouse
A lot of other mice come with all of that stuff and more. Agree to disagree I guess
gaming mouse
Razer, XTRFY, Coolermaster, Glorious and Finalmouse also all have very good offerings atm
gaming mouse
Go look at guys like RJN and Hardware unboxed with their mouse reviews. There's definitely a limit to how much weight reduction helps and it definitely has diminishing returns but Zowie mice are nowhe...
Even NA players dont like the ego...
Yes they got rekt by an up and coming team from Chile
gaming mouse
Wireless mouse latency is literally indistinguishable from wired, many (I would bet most) of the top CS pros use wireless so clearly it is good enough for competition games Honeycomb makes a mouse li...
sad for seized :(
Classic ESL not giving a shit about the players, teams or having the best possible matches
Even NA players dont like the ego...
Banter is good, but straight up shittalking is stupid. Especially just towards an entire region. Just saying "your region is shit look at all my prize money" isn't good banter
Even NA players dont like the ego...
Further proof that Tarik is a chad
Which CS Pro Would Be the Best MMA Fighter?
Idk about stewie but elige is 2nd dan blackbelt in Taekwondo iirc
Which CS Pro Would Be the Best MMA Fighter?
Freakazoid broke down into tears when getting called out for cyberbullying, he doesn't have what it takes
Which CS Pro Would Be the Best MMA Fighter?
Idk if BlameF does any fight training or anything like that. It's insanely good cardio so he likely does a little bit but that's very different from actually training for MMA like Pasha is doing
NA Valorant
Same tbh. Had so little respect for Valorant until recently just because if guys like shazham (nothing against him, he's a nice guy, just bad at CS) are some of the best players in your game then the ...
NA Valorant
Because it was a new game with relatively transferrable mechanics. Most of the non CS people were from shitter games like Overwatch and PUBG which didn't transfer as well as CS. Also a lot of those pr...
nip fans come
Better player, but way worse comms