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sticker sale
sale is out? YIPPIEEEEEEEE
sorry i hurt your ego
why should i waste time trying to understand broken english
Astralis is up #11 spots - Nov 29 ranking thoughts
Tell me what goat means
i dont know what youre on about
Era summer of 2017
being the undisputed best team for a while, like fnatic in 2015 and early 2016, sk in the summer of 2017, astralis 2018-2019. nip 2012-2014. id say navi is on par with the summer of sk right now.
Aleksib is the most Underrated Player
My problem is that he always falls in finals, and plays really good spots like short on mirage while not having enough firepower to do so.
30 euro every few months haircut 100 euro every few months new clothes ?? 2in1 for everything else? what do you even look like with 300 euro on just skin and hair
Why hate UK FNC?
Cheering for fnatic since 2015 when i first watched cs. Only watch fnatics game because of brollan and krimz and when dmooya was new. The team just doesnt have a soul it feels like. But its always lik...
Can TYLOO upset at IEM WINTER?
They always go 1-3 in majors though just to fuck your pickems
AWPer importance
They had an ok awper who was awful against other awpers and it makes the enemy awper alot stronger
G2 JaCkz
If a player is only good when you have some funny guy baiting for you and cheering you up then maybe hes the problem?
I know they practice against g2, from kennys story. Must be weird playing top50 teams to top 10.