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favourite position on each map
inferno: Apps/B dust 2: Long mirage: B Anchor, or Catwalk ancient: Donut vertigo: A Rotate overpass: B/Monster Nuke: A/Hut
HLTV is just dry without anything news revelant to post, so they just created some random bs to atleast have 1 news every day.
I will rate your team!
Its not the best team, but its a team that i like and would enjoy watching them play together :) Misutaaa (Rifler) Twistzz (Entry/2nd Rifler) Dev1ce (AWP) Xyp9x (Support) Hampus (IGL/Lurker), could ...
Weplay academy league
I Think its good that its BO1, BO3 would be waaaaaay too much, like 3 BO3 everyday is tiring, especially when top-tier teams arent playing
csgo fps boost
buy better pc
North Korea
Yeah, but they can't escape because of their family
Pls don't tell me it's gonna happen on Rio De Janeiro
North Korea
No. unless you obviously marry a North Korean that escaped, you simply cant, they arent allowed to leave, only some very important people for stuff like politics, or military, but the only people that...
Best olympic sport
that doesnt change anything tho
Best olympic sport
Sexist spotted
Superstition in your country
Sorry, under the rules of HLTV you are not allowed to say that. i am feeling offended by your words.
Superstition in your country
hes right
Superstition in your country
Lol thats funny, i had a complete Black cat, and quickly after i had a COMPLETE white cat (albino)
Quitting CSGO
You should stay, you atleast have won the same amount of majors and major mvp as simple too!
Dark Souls isnt hard
What im trying to say is there isnt really a ''win'' on Minecraft.