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ENCE Draken
Yes please, only for the meme
Brits come
Ukraine - unrecognized state said by every loyal Russian Taiwan - unrecognized state said by every loyal Chinese
Brits come
Brazilian player who used to play for Barcelona and AC Milan
Brits come
They look at it the same way the Russians look at Ukraine, this country does not exist anymore and just another colony.
Tragedy in Brazil
Yes, I heard Brasil is one of the safest countries on earth and close to zero crime rate and homicides.
Ireland come
Yeah, I really like Indians but not baby adults who pretend they know it all.
Ireland come
So that makes you an expert on Ireland because you have "friends" there? I am just saying, stop pretending to be Miss Know it All on HLTV and go do something useful, like helping your parents put food...
Ireland come
lmao you're Indian, what do you know about the colleges in Ireland and their accents?
If CSGO was a One Man Team (1v1) Who would have Won a Majors
What year(s)?
Jks > s1mple
Na man dont do me like that, you're making me feel bad. Sorry buddy, you're obviously right about s1mple I was just messing about. Enjoy the rest of your evening.
Jks > s1mple
Damn you took time out of your day to write all of this on a forum written to bait people?
Jks > s1mple
JKS is not better than s1mple but S1mple himself is overrated. He won nothing compared to Device and Fallen. He only won the Major because Astralis and Liquid had internal team issues.
new york jets
Arent you too old for the internet Mr. Tim Cahill?