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chrisJ LMAO
chrisJ LMAO
Everytime I read a tweet from him since the covid era started, it's just pretty much jackshit... I don't know what he is smoking or taking but he should stop destroying his braincells
DBL PONEY sign with HEET
Really happy for them
@Tgwri1s come
It's how often they go deep in tournaments and face the strongest oppositions that count to weight the stats of the individual players between each other.
ZywOo will be #2
I thought it would be : 1. s1mple 2. sh1ro 3. ZywOo 4. NiKo But I guess i was wrong :D
ottoNd back in action with HAVU
wtf smilee but not zehN
electroNic name
HObbit was always like that, JaCkz was better than JACKZ and also B1T so it doesn't remind us of the brazilian player
Top 20 players of 2021: electroNic (7)
Big event =/= LAN They considered online events too where a lot of t1 teams played
Electronic>hoobit/ ax1le
Filtering only by BIG EVENTS even if its online or offline :
Top 20 players of 2021: electroNic (7)
Top 20 players of 2021: electroNic (7)
electronic > hobbit btw look at all these incredible stats... what the hell Also never seen him with that capitalized N?
f0rest and friberg commit to Dignitas for 2022*
Yeah he was always described as a guy who wasn't grinding as hard as the other guys and yet they were amazed by his skill. The true king, but it's sad he isn't in t1 CS, with a good team around him.
f0rest and friberg commit to Dignitas for 2022*
f0rest is still a god, but he changed from being really good looking to something really sad. That beard & shaved head do not look good on him.
Funspark ULTI Finals revealed with Gambit, Astralis & more
Mauisnake is a really bad analyst, he does a lot of mistakes in his analysis and sadly the other guys aren't correcting him.
Best player of 2021 to be unveiled during first-ever HLTV Award Show