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Gambit vs Virtus.pro
2-0 these LAN amateurs. Let’s gooo
Vitality vs G2
Phew this gonna be a banger
NIP vs Vitality
Plopski top frag overall for NiP says it all
NIP vs Vitality
And dupreeh. His rifle work and IQ is still pretty impressive. Easily better than Kyojin so immediate improvement I believe
NIP vs Vitality
I’m excited to see Dupreeh and Magisk join up with the other three. I think vitality can be hella strong
BIG send FaZe to lower bracket, GODSENT upset Heroic
Not a big fan of Bo1 but each team is practicing well before the match. Nobody should be coming in cold. Upsets are always exciting
Oh damn I missed it. This was his first match back. Let’s goo haha. How long is he staying on main roster
Liquid close in on oSee - Report
I don’t know much about him. He’s good lately?
Liquid close in on oSee - Report
Cool I like it. Hope it works out. Not everyone is gonna be a major winner, but If they can compete i the upper echelons of tier1 then that’s still great. Hell lately they’ve already been doing that
Gambit vs fnatic
Hobbit has been a deadly force lately geez. Shiro and axile taking a back seat
BLAST Premier World Final to take place without audience
Hah are they though?? Doctors, nurses, government employees, cops, firefighters. Everyone being threatened with unemployment if they don’t comply to the corrupt elites of the word. I made 100k five ou...
THREAT to transition out of head coach role after IEM Winter
Lol not coaches fault the players are inconsistent and miss their shots. Once the strat is called it’s on the guys to play the game..
BLAST Premier World Final to take place without audience
You’re a pro government cuck Lol. Go get your 6th booster you liberal goof. Can’t believe the level of idiocy coming from your generation
Exeedme Revolution with $42,500 + crowdfunding set to start
I will donate a hefty 25 cents to the cause
BLAST Premier World Final to take place without audience
Lol ‘the science’. Listen kid. Moderna literally partnered with the government and their stock has jumped nearly 20x. This was planned and is inevitable