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final fantasy games
If you like rpg, yeah it is perfect. And since each game have it's own separated history, characters, mechanics and etc, you don't need to play one to enjoy the other. Personally I'm a huge fan, final...
ballon D´or
How could they give it to Messi? S1mple should have taken it
Tier 2/3 Events Fantasy
yeah in fantasy we have luck waves and bad luck waves...I was more than 100 points behind the first place and recently got to 40 points difference...now thanks to NIP in blast and CPH/Mouz NXT on pinn...
Tier 2/3 Events Fantasy
Lately I would just pick fashr and Wolfy, easy top 10%...they are cheap and good, just like most mouse NXT players. But for pinnacle playoffs, everything went wrong when I decided to not pick lyngby v...
Tier 2/3 Events Fantasy
Exact same here...I'm currently 19th but I guess it is over now
Perfect Lan locations
+1...still waiting for Pasha to kick his ginger ass
ZyWoo > sh1ro
Zywoo needs to carry 4 dudes constantly. Sh1ro only needs to carry sometimes. So yeah, zywoo better
Fantasy: IEM Winter game open for action
Damn he is like an Interz that gets no points from support role or wins.
Fantasy: IEM Winter game open for action
Watching him playing is just frustrating lol. So many easy kills and points missed because he is a bad Fragger. But hey, god support
Fantasy: IEM Winter game open for action
Well their path is somewhat ok but I truly hate Interz and do not trust gambit (except sh1ro)...so I went G2 (jackz and hunter) heroic (refrezh and stavn) with yekindar as the fifth. Let's see
Malta Vibes Knockout Series 4 team list revealed
No fantasy =(
zidane to psg
teu cu no meu pau