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G2 comeback ez
cry for what? I'm not a no life and zero brain like you. imagine being a retarded that tried to look impressive on hltv... get a life looser!
G2 comeback ez
it's crazy that a dumbass like you still bet on games...
Sinners vs Enterprise
let's pray together for oskar recovery. we need him on the server in order to win this tier 1000 as you say. Edit: Better let oskar on the hospital bad and call his older brother to play on his place...
He is not playing with his friends anymore, the extremum guy's, maybe now he only plays for the money (his profession) and is not having fun. Don't really know...
"sh1ro never entries"
I agree with you, both are very solid holding angles and great clutch players.
"sh1ro never entries"
He is good, that's true, but not good enough compared to s1mple because of his playstyle (very passive and static). sh1ro success it's related on the support that his teammates can provide to him and ...
mad bettor pov
not mad bettor but brain dead bettor. You are a idiot if you bet on a game like this. Some people should stop betting... Edit: Plus, a thing that a learned some time ago, never bet on polish teams, t...
Trident vs ANIMEplusW
not even 322... Trident is horrible!
Battlefield 2042
no game play footage...
eXploit vs FTW
Ops... I'm sorry my friend.
eXploit vs FTW
Not all that much, not crying, just saying the truth. I only bet for fun, so whatever... Stop being idiots and saying the same thing all the time. You guys tried to look cool but are a bunch of loser...
eXploit vs FTW
The map it's 9 - 3, Exploit are getting destroyed but for some reason decided to rush middle like bots. If it's not fixed, they can disband right now.
Akuma vs ex-Marlian
Well, a very suspicious match, for sure!
Galaxy Racer vs SJ
four average players? are you blind?