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Astralis Talent vs fnatic Rising
probably the same time I got astalris 2.2 hahaha surely you didnt bet 8-10 ct vs t side
MOUZ NXT vs Spirit Academy
thye will win they always do
Gambit vs Natus Vincere
Got it at 4.75 now after win gambit 1st half / Navi win the map xD
NIP vs Astralis
why not cash out at 14-8 bot betting
NIP vs Astralis
was waiting till end of half to see if wasn't a ct shut out, thank you Astralis @3.5 £100 + @2.62 £150 what a game glave is shit with the awp but he clutched needs to stick to the rifle xD
NIP vs Astralis
yes am taking the @3.5 odds now and double down if they win pistol will be around @2.5
K23 vs Copenhagen Flames
you are so dub thinking everything is rigged youre actually deluded its not rigged just cuz you lose your bet or lose your handicap the amount there players get payed they arnt betting against themse...
ECSTATIC vs Nemiga
probs because have lost there main pic vertigo 4 times in a row and 2 times each lost overpass and inferno there 2nd tier of map picks, looks like lost all confidence and thats what was carrying them ...
ECSTATIC vs Nemiga
not weird 2nd half look at nemiga win rate on t side d2 much better t than c side
TTC vs Copenhagen Flames
where has odds?
Nexus vs AGF
bot better why you betting afg d2 are you this bad at betting
imagine betting on cs and not actually watching the stream maybe why you keep losing
you realise the stream isn't live mate its like 5 mins behind the score wouldn't have been 11-11 at the time would have been like 13-11 this why odds are 3.8 bot better
Vitality vs Gambit
why bet 0 2.5 why not just bet vit map 1 gambit map 2?
FaZe vs Gambit
karrigan is an elite IGL who goes even thats all you really need all faze need is -olof + Ropz