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Misutaaa flair because he is a cute guy and I like him a lot

Your OG team is an example of the flaw of naive optimism and neverending patience and you know I say that as real talk and not unnecessary disrespect (c) Thorin The Esports Historian
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Tbh I would like to see teams skipping some tournaments, thats just not really possible with TO's rules and HLTV/ESL Rankings. Better both for top and lower tier teams, for ones its a way to prevent b...
G2 +Aleksib Pros and Cons
Well, that veto was very weird indeed, can't disagree here. Probably, as it always happens in OG, pressure got too much in their heads (which never happened with Aleksi in ENCE and thats a strange thi...
G2 +Aleksib Pros and Cons
He got outsmarted by renegades but not by mad lions In RNG game they went to every stack they could, that's true, but vs Mad Lions they were completely stompted by ML firepower (Woro2k mostly)
G2 +Aleksib Pros and Cons
They are kinda plastic but spend a lot of money plus will cheer for them very hard if there is no better finnish team (or team with finnish player), and I dont see it coming in near future
G2 +Aleksib Pros and Cons
Do you expect this roster to be better than top 10 right now? They were in IEM Summer final and EPL semis, and in my books for all pieces they have this result is very impressive
when do u consider someone "older"?
I'm 20 and its not different from school time at all because I am studying and not planning to have family next 5 years at least. So nothing really changed for me
Video: ZywOo ends NAVI's Nuke streak with 1v4
People here are so stupid its insane Why cant hltv mens))) just say that it was a nice clutch instead of all this bullshit
What is happening
I love OG but imo this roster can't get higher than top 6. So I will understand Aleksi if he goes G2. To play with real stars at least once a life you know
Why vitality changes?
Org thinks that there are no good players left in France I guess. Plus they will get this elite trio for free, so it kinda makes sense, even though I'd like them to try players from LDLC/DBL Poney