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Sorry Jonathan had to do it
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Chad goes SEAmaxxing
You talking about meds using all that "pill" schizo lingo Nt LMS (whatever the fuck it was called, you were irrelevant anyways)
Chad goes SEAmaxxing
you did with your other LMS acc you're lying to yourself, that's even sadder
Chad goes SEAmaxxing
Didn't you say you were leaving this site Your life is sad
+1 I'm the country
you right about the free toy part It's an insult
+1 but not sarmale
hltv banned check instagram
hltv banned check instagram
Still waiting for the basketball videos
AlHilal vs AlNasser
This actually a tense match So excited for this one. Let's go AlHilal been following since the start #AlHilalFam
Oil "abusers" actually making money in the most legit way there is, whereas the rest of CEOs couldn't reach the top in a clean way
Football Clubs in CSGO
I pick both + flag 😔
Football Clubs in CSGO
Seems like you just needed a weak excuse (a literal generalization) to scapegoat your frustration and hate on the objectively greatest team ever (only FCB comes close)... Because to your surprise, I'm...
Football Clubs in CSGO
mesi, faze fan and trying to ratio on hltv You orphan too?
Football Clubs in CSGO
>Spend all the money in the world >They've got most of the players/teams for free since Titan acquisition Only big signing was NiKo, under 700k
Football Clubs in CSGO
???Don't dare you compare RM to that shit RM is the greatest football club of all times and no CSGO team has won enough titles to make it a fair comparison