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+rep top bro i like this guys
Czech Republic https://www.hltv.org/profile/962371/poloolpp (10 yeard)
Netherlands https://www.hltv.org/profile/1352245/aal0o (10 yeard)
Brazil https://www.hltv.org/profile/1317053/ghcnvbkn
Netherlands https://www.hltv.org/profile/1422504/pawnycs
Finland https://www.hltv.org/profile/1095571/outofmyswamp
Sweden https://www.hltv.org/profile/1330971/malcomreed
Poland https://www.hltv.org/profile/1443893/ardianek
Netherlands https://www.hltv.org/profile/1314831/i-play-b-rotation (10yrd)
Czech Republic https://www.hltv.org/profile/1466024/i-play-connector
Bulgaria https://www.hltv.org/profile/1252882/kronin100

You cannot post more than 150 replies per day
You cannot post more than 150 replies per day

3 day ban for calling fallen a "paycheck stealer" (said it 1000 times but i guess calling fallen one crossed the line)
ANOTHER 3 DAY ban when i had the 3 day ban??? for saying "youre mentally ill lol" on 18th????
3 day ban for "deserved" on thread about guy getting bullied for playing osu
3 day for saying aguero is washed

Alt_Police alts: thesnitch, the_snitch, THE_ULTIMATE_SNITCH, UndercoverAgentHernandez, Jonathan E.


(copied from Poloolpp bio)

i did lem by going solo my aim could be around faceit lvl 10 no idea

its like you mastered masterbating but you are amateur at sex if you only practised sex and never masterbate you would think masterbating is for gays or something who dont have holes i think ~roye 2021

i did lem solo, and im talking about aim my aim is lvl 10 faceit, but i cant get any faceit lvl because bad keyboard need to order good keyb, and i cant play mirage,! but my keyboard is ok for wingman overpass. ~roye 2021

you ask why i am so confident? :D just opened faceit it shows me this : https://ibb.co/FJmP0VS
first player is one i played 1x1 against when we were kids.
Next player was supposed to be my opponent in tournament which i refused to play because i knew not enough maps.
i dont care about this rank lvl bulshets sorry im not your average joe i just ask you friendly to stop spamming me ~ roye 2021

haha i was semi pro at cs 1.6, just saw now not long ago my teammates played against best player in cs history Neo lol ~ roye 2021

lol today i practiced 2 smokes for 2 hours in mirage , i dont even like mirage :D i wanna say i def deserve lvl 10 but i had one game perfect fps i was pretty bad worse than on freezing :d ~ roye 2021

you just saved netherland from renting place in there or even bigger holidays , seems like cheap crack gets in your head too good, only reason i might visit now holland because cheap hookers , crack you getting is really questionable you pretend some alpha smart guy with these messages if i hear your voice i would probably die laughing ~ roye 2021

i have different problem, i dont want to be at hltv at all, but im worried i might find something usefull here so i join sometimes ~ roye 2021

easy bro, get me 600 fps 300hz i destroy any lvl 10, like i can feel in fps huge difference 400 or 600 even on low hz screen, cant imagine what it would be to use 300hz screen, also good graphics are very important if you looking for heads you spot in hd someone way earlier where even 0.01 sec earlier can make difference ~ roye 2021

finally developed semi pro aim again : ) still long way to go keeping it is hardest task lol give me perfect system i will hold angles for s1mple :D need that 300hz screen only haha, i was watching youtube and learning my hardest pistol p2 so when i played my guns without extra ping/ytube and all my aim was really clean every enemy went to spectate me in comunity servers hah i feel i will get that lvl 10 and everyone will laugh and say game is dead and its all fake :D ~ roye 2021

i dont get why lvl 10 aim is funny their aim is not that good, best case scenario is just basic aim, and ofcourse some angle easy prefire clearance, but even silvers cant destroy you on their favorit angle is just that lvl 10 have more of those angles, but in meaning that perfect aim lvl 10 is opposite of that ~ roye 2021

i actually had many meaningless bans like in month i get 2 bans everytime so because big history of that i think they gave 10y :D lol i just remembered story when i was good player someone suggested me oh you should join hltv, i surf this site i said ok its boring i join it after 10 years or something, and everyone start laughing non stop :D i didnt even know why haha ~ roye 2021

you want to leave hltv, you sound like addict to be honest, i can leave it anytime, but im like having sht luck with cash so i just keep myself there cause nothing to do :D ~ roye 2021

man it feels fking great to have alt accounts, you braindeads folowing me kills my braincells i dont even say you are complete imbred but if you act like it half of the time guess what that makes you and what makes you look like it feels like heaven now ~ roye 2021

you making up your own rules https://www.hltv.org/forums/rules where does it say baiting what does that even mean, to be honest i dont understand this word meaning so well and i dont care live in your own retaarded world with your retarded friends ~ roye 2021

hahahahaha my nick seem to stay in your head longer than in mine i only remember my nick because of you, this needs to end i will really stop responding to your bulshit even avoid loging into account that you have connection to good luck mate ~ roye 2021

i got ban for false cheating :D guess what from 3 people active in server now usually there are 20 :D i got those cs 1.6 vibes again when i rekt somene so hard servers would close because they cant detect cheating and dont understand what else to do ~ roye 2021

are you no lifer if you give such cchild insults, im not in hltv for stupid kids spam laughing threads profile valuation etc, i use hltv for important reasons you can get a lot of knowledge in this site if you want, if you only click retarded threads ofcourse you gonna lose braincells ~ roye 2021

if you knew possible way to get me banned earlier you would have done it 100 years ago, you probably reported me more than once you are biggest troll joke user i ever seen ~ roye 2021

rip roye


you are such an irrelevant little weasle who desperately needs attention but absolutely nobody cares abour your ass lol. here take some attention and please get lost. ~ Gam_1_major_bit_0_major 2021

rent free little weasle, last time i responded to you, cya. ~ Gam_1_major_bit_0_major 2021

okay man, make sure to raise nice and soft white women for my immigrant sons to breed in the future ~ Snafuuu 2021

anyone above 150 elo with the occasional glimpse in 200-300 elo should seriously consider their priorities in life... ~ kronin100 2021

chrisJ is like your cranky old dutch grandpa who smokes too much weed and snorts too much of the PCP analogues and reads too much infowars and has 10 cameras in his house and eats only microwaveable meals but he broke his microwave cuz he thought the radiation poizoned him so now he has to use his oven and it takes likes 30 minutes but he still waits and while he's waiting he retweets conspiracy theories on twitter to pass the time ~ poL_aris 2021

talent from birth. you were born trash you can't change that no matter how you practice, try valorant.... ~ crazyawper666 2021

don't attack me pls
just add my to your soy list and let me be
i am scared of peepul
please? ~ 4NTEP 2021

throw away your smarphone, go off socialmedia, tell your "friends" you need a timeout to improve your live and then go one year just grinding, learn everything you can find of tricky, play onlinechess. ~ windsurfingsbest 2021

thats exactly whats wrong.. telling me to eat pills and to drink their piss and to eat their shit and to take these injections... ~ kronin100 2021

pigs will eat you alive.. before you die you will remember everything bad youve done and you might shit yourself kid.. go fuck yourself.. ~ kronin100 2021

the only shizo is your dad.. he fucked his mother.. am i right?

that probably makes you a jungle man.. am i right? ~ kronin100 2021

can we get rid of tyrci.. there are a lot of them and they exhaust people by just opening their smelly mouths... pls... someone.. help! ~ kronin100 2021

You can say they are scared of big silicon dildos... Not so scared but mostly dont like. ~ Thfthf 2021

eat shit with your catboy or try to touch grass ~ 4500_ELO_GOD 2022

im 21 yo student you idiot, keep living in your wetdreams with catboys, femboys, because we both know, that you have weak mentality and people can easily abuse you irl, coz you cant do anything with it

still #33 brainwashed loser, no more replies, cya ~ 4500_ELO_GOD 2022

FaZe said they are learning uzbekish ~ nqzz 2022
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