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Spain vs Turkey
he is not retired, just doesnt play in any team, but he still plays a lot, and since his departure of x6tence he played one or two games with spain I belive.
KerchNET vs bet4gamers
Ledpc FTW!
Team A vs Team B
4 pool>all xD
Loord vs. fnatic at WCG 2009
i wouldnt say its the best action... there are way other plays better than this one, but it's truly "THE ACTION" for loord and again :P
HellRaisers vs x6tence
was1 was before in x6tence but he left to make room for feldman i belive, and power is really good, but he has never played before for a top spanish team, so thats why you didnt know them :P. I thi...
Frag eXecutors vs k23
haha nice one! :)
xDSRack vs
I agree with you, baengan did nearly all the job in the previous matches... let see what he is gonna do in this one :P. Begrip FTW!
The Untouchables vs UNIR
I'm not sure what happens but the only thing I know is that the line up of team UNIR isnt the one is here in hltv, for a while, was1 left the game long time ago. So UNIR line up is wrong... maybe they...
Denmark vs Spain
kairi instead of n1ce and easy win for spain :D, just kidding ¬¬. easy win for DK :/
bet4gamers vs UNIR
no match today ^^; its postponed i think, but wizards vs team ases is going to be played so i belive some team used a wildcard...
bet4gamers vs UNIR
anyway, you have to recognize that unir is going throught a good moment, and they should be really motivate to play this match, anyway, i do not think the map will be a problem for unir. But, doesnt m...
bet4gamers vs UNIR
well unir pown x6tence 16-1, so they are in great shape, in the other hand, ledpc only get a draw against team ases, which isnt as good as unir i belive... So it should be a pretty even game :). Hope ...
x6tence vs UNIR
unir 16-1 x6tence...
x6tence vs UNIR
1 round of eps spain first wildcard used... what a shame... Wildcard, i belive, it's used to posponed a match...
mousesports vs Alternate
what a nightmare! we have too see two guys givings t-shirt to a hundrends of nerds! :(