2022 World Cup qualified countries:


There has been no Coach in the history of CSGO who has been treated as badly as he was. ESIC are frozen with hatred and fear. They get nothing done. This should never be allowed to happen to another Coach. HUNDEN was a victim of a corrupt and illegal Witch Hunt, one which will go down as the greatest political crime in history.

I was playing football with my friend, and then he kicked the ball over, and the ball was no where to be seen afterwards, you won’t believe what happened! Penaldo stole the ball thinking it was a real Ballon D’or, how could you do this to your fan? Shame on u penaldo!

I was in the water smoking sea weed with my transgender pet octopus ,suddenly something grabbed my leg , I looked closely it was the fraud dolphin , Dolphinaldo trying to steal my belonging. He swam away crying. Shame on you Tapiano Dolphinaldo Dolphin.

I was once fishing in the pacific ocean hoping to catch something for my dinner. Suddenly I felt something tugging on my rod, me and my children were so happy we started to pull really hard. Turns out it was just penaldo diving in the ocean.

UEFA Club ranking current season

1. FC Bayern Munich
2. Manchester City
3. Liverpool
4. Chelsea
5. FC Barcelona (xd)
6. Real Madrid
7. P$G
8. Juventurs
9. Atletico Madrid
10. Manchester United

UEFA Club ranking of the last 10 years

1. Real Madrid
2. Bayern Munich
3. Barcelona
4. Chelsea
5. Atletico
6. Juventus
7. PSG
8. Man City
9. Man United
10. Dortmund
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