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Gambit vs FaZe
Again these shitters under 20 hp and this trash getting those 2 deagle kills UNBELIEVABLE
Gambit vs FaZe
Ridiculous how often these european trash survive with 20 hp or less or finding these lucky timings. Unbelievable
Gambit vs G2
LMAO VP idiot. LUCK2 were worse in all maps except of the first half of mirage. Pure luck
Gambit vs G2
Gambit vs G2
There is a reason why the term Luck2 exist...
Gambit vs G2
Luck2 striked twice in a row disgusting 🤮
Vitality vs Natus Vincere
Yep Navi is really a despicable and an unpleasant trash team
gambit lockdown
LOL LMAO no I‘m a gambit supporter. My argument has a different tone/topic.. I‘m literally talking about the fact, I would love to see Gambit in the live-studio.. This hotel bs just same as their boot...
gambit lockdown
Yes I‘m aware of that, but he was implying that, because they are still not playing in the live studio of cologne, but obviously there is alot of incompetence, ignorance and baiting in his comments, t...
Astralis vs FaZe
gambit lockdown
I‘m a gambit „fan“ and I agree with you, because no fans = isn‘t a lan for me. And yeah I know back in the normal world of 2019 groupstage games were mostly never played infront of a crowd, only playo...
Heroic vs Spirit
+100 Yeah had to laugh about the term „LAN“ aswell
Gambit vs mousesports
BuT buT GamBiT on „LAN“ LMAO retards. Trashsport just barely and luckily won Inferno. Lucky as always lmao trash, jut that throw...
Gambit vs mousesports
Trashmas aimlocking shit lmao
Gambit vs mousesports
Losing to trashmas