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You have been banned from posting on the forums until: 2021-07-16 reason: DJ 32k/month :P
You have benn banned from posting ont he forums until 2021-08-01 reason: 400kg wtf you need to take care of your health bro
You have been banned from posting on the forums until: 2021-10-03 reason: So, the thing is, in Czech Republic nearly everyone hates Entropiq (czech org) because they "betrayed" the czech division (EIQ Prague) and they picked up this russian lineup. But isnt it what every organisation has to do, in order to succeed? Like isnt it kinda nobrain to waste your potential as an organisation on a team that has nearly no hopes of making it even to top 30? I cannot understand the problem these people have with Entropiq, for me, I see it as an absolut win for the czech counterstrike and esports overall that a czech org is well know in the world and has a chance to make it on a major. What do you british people think about fnatic picking up a full swedish roster (2013-2020)? Spanish people about G2 having a full french roster and now even with some serbs thrown in. What do german people think about mousesports having a full european (non-german) team? I guess you just dont hate the team like the people in czechia do?
You have been banned from posting on the forums until: 2021-10-17: no reason


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