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create a clickbait youtube title
BIGGEST COMEBACK IN CSGO HISTORY??? :o KennyS caught cheating with flusha? FNX and KennyS sexual scandal? :oooooooo
Favorite band?
Disturbed, Alter Bridge, Insomnium, Avantasia and Avenged Sevenfold - these are my top 5.
Rise Nation vs TeamOne
TRK + 4 Literally xD
Splyce vs TeamOne
trk +4
f0rest dennis GeT_RighT REZ Draken wow
Dennis Friberg allu new Team
Dennis, Lowel, Mixwell, friberg and HS could be a interesting team.
IT/programming question
Bro, i've never programmed in all my life but i really understand Hardware, etc... In IT University, i used to learn some new things and being a new programmer is awesome Btw, try to do some useful c...
Buster will be a star
team*, btw
Yeah! He have a agradable personality and it don't means that he is arrogant or something like this. I really believe that he have a good heart and will be a next star. He's like Edward: don't say so ...
mir is a shy guy. He never talks outside game. He seems to be a "nerd "guy with exclusive friends. I like it. His personality is also calm.
Vega IGL ?
jR but chopper does it so
I rate ur steam!//
Worst City in your country?
Being honest Best Brazilian City without jokes is Campos do Jordão. The Worst is Palmas. Hot and dangerous. By the way, Rio de Janeiro is a "bad city" but you really can enjoy the night at Lapa. Have...
Learning Languages
I'm learning Norwegian because this is so funny jajajaja
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