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Oh hey
I was just boutta go to bed
I know we couldn't skype tonight
But that's alright

Goodnight girl
I'll see you tomorrow

(Falls and fucking dies)

NSFW allu tweet ;) https://twitter.com/alluCSGO/status/448081733284425728
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s1mple: "Only when we are playing great CS I can show what I'm capable of"
What a shocker. 1 of the most passive AWPers in the game doesn't work well outside a properly structured system... WHO WOULD'VE THOUGHT?
B1T Headshot %
ScreaM was all aim zero brain AFAIK. b1t seems to be similar(ish) but he is a rookie still, so it makes sense boombl4 and s1mple have to help him in the games. (source to that is interviews about b1t...
s1 vs zywoo
s1mple's already disproved it, no? b1t and electronic also perform great yet s1mple keeps putting up the numbers.
B1T best signing since Magisk to Astralis
He wasn't that terrible, he had a 1.09 rating at the time he got benched.
Es3tag ruined NIP?
b1t aim
flair checks out for the attitude :P
This top 8 had literally no cinderella storylines, which hasn't happened for many majors thus far, all the teams who qualified deserved to be there, what are u on about?
Looking at games from different years tactically it feels like that. When you just watch the game for years without going back to older games the game feels like it hasn't changed at all though.
poor LNZ
In what fucking world are these stats good? I get your opinion about the fact thing, but like, these stats are bad and that's a fact, not an opinion. A rating of 1.00 being considered bad would be an...
Give examples of the most competitive ones then though. It makes sense this one was the most competitive, as all the majors have been the most competitive at the times they've happened because the sc...
You're comparing 2 completely different games and environments. m0NESY has huge potential, but he's being hyped up to heights which will be VERY hard to reach.