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The name is fallenshere (not to be mistaken with fallenzera)
I am a 12 years old Premium HLTV User
CSGO Rank is silver 4
Favorite game valorant
Anime is good

fallen fer taco is are the best duo of csgo

ban 1 - 24.07.2021-01.08.2021 (1 week): For spreading a rumor about woxic's team

ban 2 03.09.2021-10.09.2021 (1 week)

ban 3 20.09.2021-27.09.2021 (1 week)

ban 4 10.10.2021 - 17.10.2021 (1 week) - for critizing RMR point system (the most stupid ban I had probably lmao)
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