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Mexico Race
Another masterclass win by the legendary Max Verstappen, disappointing that Perez couldn't overtake Hamilton but he really did try his hardest. I absolutely loved the Mexican crowd, one of the best cr...
brazil f1 fans come
I do agree that he has a hilarious personality because I've watched this video many times: https://youtu.be/2JYEVoybF84 The video you linked has been blocked by FOM btw :(
brazil f1 fans come
You're crazy if you think Senna who was in another dimension of F1 drivers is inferior to Piquet. Piquet was an amazing driver and won 3 champs as well but compared to Senna he is nowhere near on the ...
Germany NL and France
Mercedes copying Audi ?
All cars these days look the same now, new BMWs are absolutely pathetic and ugly designs compared to their predecessors and Mercedes-Benz is just simplifying their once beautiful and elegant designs j...
Sochi Quali
Good summary actually, he's done so many stupid things this season alone that I can't remember all of them hahaha
Proof hamilton's fault
Another one loses, too weak to handle the truth.
Proof hamilton's fault
So in that case Sky Sports F1 or any other F1 analyst for that matter should never refer to other videos when analysing the incidents that occur in every race? You're getting really desperate now and ...
Proof hamilton's fault
Don't regurgitate somebody else's words when you've run out of genuine things to say in return.
Proof hamilton's fault
So we're xenophobic now? I'm Mexican so I'm not allowed to have an opinion on F1? If you can't handle debating properly then don't bother at all because making personal attacks just shows that you're ...
Proof hamilton's fault
Why use the words of the FIA as your own argument? Can't think of your own now? If you're a real F1 fan who's been watching for as long as me (15 years), you'll know that the FIA and the stewards are ...
Proof hamilton's fault
Albon would like to have a word with you, and no I don't. There comes a point where both of you are at risk of getting into an incident. It's not letting somebody do something, it's being reasonable, ...
Proof hamilton's fault
Proof hamilton's fault
This clip proves that he knows how to race properly and that when 2 drivers work together, no incidents will occur. He just chooses not to (Hamilton).