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Hi! I'm from Brazil, the country of samba, feijoada and... winners:

Ayrton Senna - GOAT of F1
Pelé - GOAT of football
Falcão - GOAT of futsal
Marta - GOAT of women's football
Gisele Bundchen - GOAT model
Anderson Silva - GOAT in UFC


Luminosity/SK Gaming - 2 majors and 2nd longest team in the top 1
Immortals - Major finalist (and playing drunk)

Honorable mentions:

José Paulo Lemman - owner of the largest brewery in the world
Roberto Landell de Moura - creator of the radio voice
Medina - 2 time world champion
Alberto Santos-Dumont - father of aviation
Eduardo Saverin - co-founder of Facebook
Oscar Niemeyer - one of the greatest architects in the history
Machado de Assis - one of the greatest icons of literature

And, we cannot forget the 5 World Cups.
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