man walks along the rails and sees how the train runs over a leftist. "it could be me" - thought the man and went to work as a train driver
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Describe ur country with one famous building
Lenin's Mausoleum
Is fire rate tied to fps ?
i don't get why people care so much about fps few years ago i started learning bhop on cs-source figured out that it is way easier to bhop with lower fps, so i limited it to smth like 40 but my fraggi...
Waiting for Update like..
give me update where valve deletes skins and cases ok, leave skins in game (as an aftergame rewards), but delete cases, because it damage fragile mind of young mens. gambling is evil
Racist or not?
i'm sure people are not equal and races differ from each other, it's so fcking obvious, so that stupidity of people denying that is more dangerous than actual racism
Longest book you've ever read
all 4 volumes are approximately 2000 pages of course it depends on font size, book size, etc
Longest book you've ever read
post-metal/post-rock music suggestions
that's too dark for me, 1-st song from my top post is more bright in that sense, and even 2-nd one is not that 'dark'
post-metal/post-rock music suggestions
ouch that's super good! not too depressive (which is good) as 80% of bands in this genre, but still has very recognizable 'post' sound aitäh
post-metal/post-rock music suggestions
witnessed a case when a person ran over young boy on the road at night boy had dark clothes and run into car mostly on purpose after investigating his social media pages (out of curiosity), i found ou...
post-metal/post-rock music suggestions
quite popular band, but i prefer something more down-to-earth, in terms of lyrics/atmosphere, something like this thanks for suggestion
post-metal/post-rock music suggestions
i really like 'free fall' song from them (nice melody), but at the same i kinda dislike screaming vocal (in general) thanks for suggestion anyway