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erdogan bestestest
Czech Republic come here
Pick and choice is not what immigration is about, though yet its understandable they accept catholic ukranians. A country struggling to find its identity for being under several empires during the las...
Barzilian come here!!!
Brazil isnt even catholic any longer, you guys have more evangelists than any time since 95, 1/4 in Brazil in fact. Your farmers/evangelist preachers and army owns bolosonaro. You are going to be a di...
Czech Republic come here
Well that is if they accept immigrants, which they dont. Also PIS is catholic and far right af, close to what you would consider neo facism.
Czech Republic come here
no immigrants no terrorists
your first job ever?
sold socks and underwear in telemarketing lel that shit was so bad i quit after 4 weeks
Dead sport lul
Imagine being a nationalist, bashing other countries aswell as your own, while defending it at the same time - HLTV.org
Scandinavian women
Yeah agree on the slavic part when they are young. However WHY is it that when the turn 40 years old they turn into babushka. Explain this!!
France Right Now
LuL it's not.
France come here
it is not irrelevant, sure it may change and that is not strange lul just look at any other eu country
France come here
https://imgur.com/a/cHmCe9V u dont see poor countries like greece or slovakia rioting and they have more expensive gasoline lel
Why G2
shh yellow west
yall dont know wtf ur talking about. Neptune was the highlight of this roster. I was really disappointed with wardell and subroza tbh..