I like raw meat and I'd like to know how to eliminate the baddies in it for the safety consumption
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winter is the best season?
Not in the coldest of Russia for holidays
It's 2020 all over again
I got this, this time around, in this particular tournament yeah it's really like back then, but I don't think it happened any other time this year, may be wrong thou
It's 2020 all over again
I did not know you mean it in the frames of this event, then ye, obviously, but it's kinda shown on the front page is like saying the most obvious thing. But in general it really isn't quite so you kn...
cs source feels better compared to csgo
FULLY AGREE, this is the top post out of my memory when I can agree absolutely wholeheartedly... if Source received the same treatment and exposure by both players and devs it would be miles ahead of ...
It's 2020 all over again
Gambit too by the way they just arent present at this event but they're certainly better than Astralis and Vitality, and Heroic would be top 3. Nothing like 2020
r8 your own life
5.5/10 it steadily gets better all the time and more exciting but some things require more effort than usual and it will be great even
blast major
Not as long as they have Scrawn and Laund
naf and twistzz
If Liquid cut the one they had to all along they would be fine, nitr0 would come back instead of FalleN and Grim would be replaced by oSee and Twistzz would back in the place of Stew. EliGE, Twistzz, ...
Na that sucks and I'm leaving this thread, bye
Scrawny & Launders
Put the bias off, they're absolutely the worst duo in every way, even if it's a grand final of the Major and they're casting it I'm missing that shit, they're just terrible, especially Lau but the oth...
apex smart
No no, I really think so and it's no big deal writing this if you stand by it
apex smart
I actually think so, it was no meme material in my head
apex smart
apEX insanely underrated, he's not just smart and sharp in shooting, he also has the natural leader traits, whenever the whole bunch of Vitality are on screen or getting filmed he's the loudest, alway...
best players with 1 in the nickname
Have some respect for the kid that behaves and plays good consistently