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Verum vs ATK
that was honestly just a fun to watch series lmao. Rare for NACS
TeamOne vs Party Astronauts
PA wins this 2-0. Team One aint it.
ONET4P vs Northern Forces
One tap wins this 2-1 prob. IDK premier is gross this season with all these adv teams.
ChocoCheck vs Limitless
Choco 2-0. Limitless big trash
Triumph vs Eros
Definitely will be in the relegation tournament at least. Beakie the only decent player on the team but thats only when he can bait his team and play late rounds which doesnt happen a lot because of t...
Wisla Krakow vs Finest
sub 1 impact markos lol
TeamOne vs Extra Salt
Floppy addition makes this a 2-0. Extra salt gonna run premier this season. Floppys vibes and energy are going to be more impactful than his fragging even
Detonate vs RBG
Detonate gonna get hit with the welcome to Premier ass clapping by RBG. Easiest 2-0 in history
Eros vs ONET4P
Gross match
Limitless vs Triumph
Limitless might honeymoon a map or not get 16 rounds in both maps. Either way Triumph wins
ONET4P vs ChocoCheck
Chococheck 2-0 easy so they can act like they didn’t just ff last game to void bets
Lyngby Vikings vs FunPlus Phoenix
I don’t understand how lyngby keep winning
OG vs paiN
Feels like EZ 2-0 for OG while Pain settles into EU
Mouz for sure takes a map cause fuck it why not
ChocoCheck vs Verum
I guess fucking chococheck bet on themselves and that’s why they FF’d last round so that it voided. Imagine losing to dogshits on Verum when you’re trying to win for real.