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Where is misutaa in top 20?
I like misutaa and think he is the future of out scene, however he is awful at LAN/studios events so far. Just look at his ratings at Cologne, PGL stockholm and BLAST.
Top 20 Players of All Time With Reasoning
ZywOo has been carrying the entire french scene for his first three years in tier 1, top1 twice with 13 MVPs already, he is playing alongside 1.0 rating players on average, none of them ever make or a...
Top 20 Players of All Time With Reasoning
ZywOo > NiKo
Thorins fire tweet
Nexa and Niko relationship
We can only despise FaZe for this
mouz > G2
People are sleeping too much on the new mouz lineup and i'm not saying this because of a random faceit game
Nexa and Niko relationship
Astralis 2018 vs Cloud9 2018, I really wonder which of these two teams were stronger, seems like an obvious answer
Nexa and Niko relationship
Totally wrong, both of these matches his teams were heavily underdogs and only idiots thought being so good indivdually would win you every games 1v9.
Nexa and Niko relationship
It has nothing to do with the subject but I really like iNation team, hope they will do great things this season in advanced!
Nexa and Niko relationship Nice performance GOAT rifler NiKo. What will you say after he won fuck all again by december 2022?
Nexa and Niko relationship
LOL he was in the most stacked roster ever in FaZe with fucking rain at his peak, GuardiaN top awper, olof and karrigan, still choked versus C9 in Boston, choked again vs NaVi missing the deagle shot ...
Nexa and Niko relationship
And I won't listen to what you have to say either because of your flag and flair. This is my opinion of why the so called "GOAT rifler" achieved so little so far in his career.
Nexa and Niko relationship
You don't know what's Perfecto mentality. I'm sure he can handle bad words from s1mple if he made a silly mistake, maybe he wouldnt say the same to B1T if it would put him down mentally as it was a he...