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Anonymo unveil new roster
Shitonymo, Disbandymo, Botonymo, every single one of these fits great for that crap
GamerLegion vs Apeks
4-0 -> 4-16 Nice team, quick disband and never play cs again bunch of washed up bots
GamerLegion vs Apeks
all in gamerlegion map 2, tier 10 apeks dogs worst csgo players ever
GamerLegion vs Apeks
tier 5 hardstucks what do u expect XD
GamerLegion vs Apeks
17-15 -> 17-19 obvious
Eternal Fire Academy vs VP.Prodigy
Turkish CT side = 0 rounds incoming Great map pick
VP.Prodigy vs Eternal Fire Academy
Rufire is so bad that even Eternal Bots academy smash his team XD
Young Ninjas vs fnatic Rising
both teams should disband but fnatic dogs are next level of being disabled
fnatic Rising vs Young Ninjas
XD pls disband
fnatic Rising vs Young Ninjas
fnatic Rising vs Young Ninjas
Im so jealous of their life Suck at cs, don't practise, get free invites to cups, get salary while not even trying to play because you know you will achieve nothing Free money, don't need to work
fnatic Rising vs Young Ninjas
just go all in map next map on ninjas, these fnatic bots won't win a single map vs any team
fnatic Rising vs Young Ninjas
fnatic rising = parody of a team worst team in this tournament for sure, even furia is better cuz at least they have some aim XD
fnatic Rising vs Young Ninjas
Round over - Winner: CT (1 - 4) - Bomb defused ztr defused the bomb ztr killedregali with ak47 (headshot) regali + Kevve (assist) killedRo1f with ak47 (headshot) Ro1f killedKevve with m4a1_silencer (h...
FURIA Academy vs VP.Prodigy
500 x 2.25, thx VP, imagine trusting tier 100 BR bots XDDDDDDDDD