I've been on hltv longer than you have. yes i am korean.
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TACO :facepalm:
if he played close right he wouldn't have been touched. if he posted up by the position where the fence used to be he wouldn't have been touched. if held an off angle car-side then he wouldn't have be...
TACO :facepalm:
Why was he even playing right in front of smokes when astralis spam through every fuckin smoke they ever see?
You took that quote completely out of context you idiot. He was talking about him being to do the same thing if he had what those accused cheaters had.
Nintendo Switch
I am 100% certain Nintendo will release a hardware revision. Look at every commercially successful Nintendo. 3DS, Wii, DS, GBA all had a ton of updates to the hardware. That being said, the updates we...
Ugliest languages
Vietnamese is on a different tier
air is free
If you pay taxes in a country then you could go through some mental gymnastics to say you also pay for the air you breathe, the ground you stand, etc.
Birthday present Sister (20)
wow hltv is very well behaved so far
Yeah like the bible is any different
FOX news or CNN?
Even hardcore trump supporters realize how flawed Fox is. It has nothing to do with Trump tbh. Sometimes they get it right and people give em credit but they're largely a dogshit publication.
he's been putting up numbers for awhile. Not sure if this is your first time watching liquid or something
MIBR vs Liquid
csgo dev response
Update isnt coming
Well considering where the CS team is located, we still have a little bit under 9 hours.
why fornite > csgo
It WAS better. The first 2 weeks were amazing. Hirez completely gutted the original feel of the game and it's dogshit now. When I quit, they had insane SMGs, classes losing their unique identity, and ...