I've been on hltv longer than you have. yes i am korean.
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"Boomer" As Insult
why would you even get mad over being called a boomer
alcohol vs marihuana
I mean it's basic knowledge that chronic alcohol usage is horrible for so many different parts of your body. Just because getting high everyday isn't good for you mentally doesn't mean getting drunk d...
zywoo baits hard
Too bad shox couldnt even get 20 in 55 rounds today
rain tweet lul
I mean he's right. There's been entire tournaments where Zywoo is the only one thats positive even when they're all the way up to semis.
PoE2 vs Diablo IV
Uhh just so you know, China has a majority stake in Grinding Gear Games. They don't have close to a majority stake in Blizzard. Tencent owns less than 10% of ActivisionBlizzard while they own 80% of G...
Funny cause there's been way more big events held on the east coast between 2018-2019. You can afford to watch an event or two via VOD. You'll be fine.
How is this ESLs fault? Matches go to overtime sometimes. You can watch the VOD tomorrow if you really care.
McDonalds or KFC
The fried chicken at supermarkets are better than kfc's lmao
BIG Loss not fair
I don't understand how that's not fair. They lost a 4v3 in the last round of OT1 to bring it to OT2. They stayed CT for first half of OT2 and lost all 3 rounds of their T-side.
NiP so lucky
Ya G2 had 0 luck the entire first map and first half of inferno lol
Vertigo LOL
Nope. Cbble was known for being extremely 1-dimensional at a high level. Go watch some matches.
How to fix CS:GO?
Yeah a better AC would be nice but it has to be more intrusive. Stuff like HWIDs are so easy to spoof. It's about as useful as an IP ban. ESEA/Faceit along with other regional services has made it so...
Why can't IGL's Frag
I know it was in either Starladder or Bejing. I just can't remember which specific game or map. If it's beijing then I'm almost certain it was during a timeout since they don't have facecams and don't...