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I've been on hltv longer than you have. yes i am korean.
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He has little pro experience and it's his first major. He's doing pretty good if you have that in mind.
furia bad proof
I fell asleep after 1st map. what did they do that was toxic
Faceit Lvl 3
You're honestly playing the game fundamentally wrong with bad mechanics to boot if you can't get out of level 3.
Grenade selection menu
the button doesn't matter.. My point stands. it could be literally anything. Either way, most pros do ,wheeldown to jump. There are many who specifically use mwheelup to pull out flashes.
Grenade selection menu
How would a menu be better? You press and hold a button then shift your mouse (or some other keys) to select. That's significantly slower than scrolling up to pull out a flash. This is an idea that ma...
Dual monitors
It's nice. One for games/internet/movie. Other for streams/discord/chat/spotify. Not necessary though
The only valid complaint u had was the lack of solo games.
M4 (9% used) AUG (17% used)
the spray is barely any different than the m4. The only real issue is reload time and depending on your playstyle that's a nonfactor.
He's not even remotely close to how awful neo was. neo went from carrying teams in 1.6 to a complete drop off in CSGO. Even at his peak in CSGO, he was incredibly underwhelming.
Denial vs Fragging for Andy
remember winterfox ROfl
How to avoid tilt
some people are just emotional and can't help it. maybe you're playing too much
why leave swole patrol?
Money and swag is still banned. Not really rocket science
steam sale!?!?
the hype is over. i guess if you're a massive arma fan then it's still the best option.
smooya racist tweet vs refrezh
he might've been being a dick but he wasn't being racist lol wtf
weed (18+)
lol concentrates definitely smell. They just don't smell like weed.