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Thorin fanboys
+1 bunch of weak minded fucks
Greatest CS 1.6 teams and his equallity nowdays
Greatest CS 1.6 teams and his equallity nowdays
Tons of great lineups, but in terms of raw skill on top of best strats/tactics then mTw/NaVi in 2010 would be my pick
why na cs is dying?
I'm almost positive it's just valorant. Look at when the numbers in NA mm servers started to take a nosedive. Yep, big drops for valorant's closed beta and actual release. NA currently has ~50% of con...
Singleplayer games
No like you'd use a can as a audio/visual distraction for the alien as you run past it since you don't always want to expend ammo/risk the damage to your hp/armor. There's also a plastic toy dart gun ...
Singleplayer games
Probably games like system shock and to a lesser extent the first two bioshocks. At least that's what I've been told. I never got into system shock and I only beat Bioshock infinite. Prey is pretty gr...
Singleplayer games
Prey is pretty good.
NA CS funeral thread
Oh my bad then dude. You are right about how Valorant has pretty much destroyed the already small NA scene. Even NA players in top 20 teams have left the game. Pretty sad tbh.
deagle in cs 1.6 + cs go
In terms of raw performance, yeah you're right. It was insanely strong. I don't think any meta in any CS game has had decos as prevalent as CSS did.
NA CS funeral thread
There's EU East servers and Poland servers - both of which are accessed regularly by Polish players. There is 0 reason for Valve to have dedicated Polish servers if there wasn't a significant polish p...