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Hi my name is Rami 'caqtor' Valve.
Born in Finland, Pori, 1989.
I've been playing counter-strike since 2001.

Nowadays it has been just mixing


Some of recent events where I've been playing:
#7-8 Insomnia XVII (Revoluted)
#5 - LanTrek 2015 (Revoluted)
#4 - WCG Qualifiers, Solid Mojo (RCTIC)
#3 - Lantrek 2010 (Waterloo)
#3 - Insomnia XI (Revoluted)
#5 - Insomnia IX, KODE5 Pre-Qualifiers (Sickness)

Some of my former CS:GO / CS1.6 teams:
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CLG Rickeh obvious hacking (link included)
CLG Rickeh obvious hacking (link included)
Read under. Replied wrong comment.
CLG Rickeh obvious hacking (link included)
Sorry wrong reply area. Was ment to resick.
CLG Rickeh obvious hacking (link included)
There is cheats for lan-use for example your netgraph will blink on red when you scan someone thru wall. Or you'll get radiocommand for scanning like "C+1" so one is near, or "C+2" two guys are near b...
CLG Rickeh obvious hacking (link included)
Ofcourse when he's just scanning for the info. I think youre quite new with this stuff.
Rickeh fuck up.
+1 - cheating cunt.
There was also locks from RUSH on the situtation when game was 9-2 for faze, check out. Absolute hacks.
100h and Global Elite AMA
30.5h global 37w 1d 0l myrecord
130€max headset
Superlux studiomonitorheadphones/set 40-50$ or choose newer Corsair, highquality for 70-110$.
S1mple drama
Plez pasha squeeze shit out of this toxic teenager and fock him in the aenas!
JDM64 Cologne foil
Or mby it's just Thoorin seen a dream that clg is top1 2016 jdm64 best awper in the world and dominates the marketprice to get some warmings into hes apartomento. True story not lye!
VP are preparing something special
VP retiring
new operation
New operation comes week after MLG Columbus major with new maps,engine update and VAC system improvements. Then we have about 6months to fix all those tons of bugs and problems before next major. GLHF
Disable russians option to MM
haha :D
Disable russians option to MM