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Sweden tax
I lived in Poland and no one could speak English actually
Your Swedish idol
ingmar bergman
Portugueses and Fox
ahaha that was a good one :)
Portugueses and Fox
We treat you the same actually :) Not only dumb, equally lazy also. Having found myself working for a Brazilian company in São Paulo, it's amazing what Brazilian people do to run away from work. Can...
Portugal - Lisbon
Well, for some reason so many germans are buying houses here so they can live their life here. Calling me 'favelado' just proves how uneducated you are. And if you think we are poor, just come here ...
Portugal - Lisbon
Well, I live in Madeira Island, which humiliates every city you just quoted :) I've been to Germany so I know what you mean, Berlin is ugly and the other cities tend to be quite nice. I have German ...
Portugal - Lisbon
Yep, like Berlin in Germany. I totally agree with you when it comes to Lisbon. Actually usually people outside Lisbon find the city very ugly usually :). People are not so nice compared to the rest o...
Is 1m80 midget ?
I'm pretty sure you heard it wrong.
I've been throughout all the world this last 2 years and I've never ever seen a place that completes itself better than Madeira. -The food(which manages to be quite different from yours), -the peopl...
Age 14
The greatest place on earth :)
ugliest language you know?
It's ok , you have xyp9x as a favorite player so I apologize you! haha
ugliest language you know?
This is what he meant, it made her a 4 from a previous 8 (before listening to her) :)