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LOL +1 Just rekt this kids whole post
major crowd
I bet it would be the same in Sweden with big crowds, CS just isnt that big in the US. I also think there was a lack of promotion for the event. In a city the size of Boston they should have easily be...
4/4 so far, im prophet
Yeah man, those matches couldve gone either way... lol Nice job though, I hope your prophesies continue!
Yeah because delays dont happen with EU tournaments. lol
Shox rekts NiKo
Absolutely, there really isn't alot of normal criticism on HLTV. I think alot of it has to do with betting. They put their money on someone and when they lose they come here to vent. C'est la vie
Shox rekts NiKo
+1 That is exactly what many HLTV users do. People who arent nearly as skilled talking trash about the best in the world, the second that they under perform in any way.
Exactly, why are we even talking about Swedish CS? JK buddy :)
Beer - your favourite brand ?
Doppel Hirsch Doppelbock, It's so good want to freeze in the Winter time and ice skate on it and in the Spring time drink it when it thaws again.
I actually like this option. If you block someone you wont see their authored threads or posts in general. Like the mute option in CS GO.
First 16-0 inc.
Dude I hope Liquid get 3 rounds, cheers to hoping!
Big drop fps
Have you set the right launch options? Vsync turned off? Drivers up to date? Settings in CS GO, multi core rendering, settings turned to medium or lower, etc? Is your monitor 144hz?
How much is your country ready for war?
In what way do you think this post (Of all the ludicrous things people post here), as controversial? I am really asking. Frankly on a 0-10 scale of annoying or controversial, I would say it's a soft 1...
Fuck amazon
I got a complete build there for probably 150 more than it would have been through newegg without the waiting. Its pretty much my favorite as well!
Fuck amazon
I am fortunate enough to live 20 minutes away from Frys. Sorry for your luck bruh! They have a really good return policy though it will still be a pain in the ass.
dream car
The S8 is far better IMO. If you want luxury, HP, Torque, the whole package. The Audi S8 is the way to go.