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Apology for Emil and Peter
People like him wouldve ran away from 1.6 games. They have no idea lol
Best headset for CsGo???
Interestingly enough this piece of shit thief is right, I have a pair of A 40's that are awesome. I feel like I am cheating with how much shit I can hear. You need to tweak the equalizer and presets f...
USA 3rd world
Haha, I was just about to ask you if you have been to Portland. And it isnt all hipster douche bags, but holy fuck we have so many people moving here from Cali, its insane. Oregon Natives hate Califo...
school debate
Yeah buddy, not that I would visit Pakistan for any reason anyway, but if I did I wouldn't bring anything extra with me!
school debate
I hate to say this, but clearly someone did steal knowing the consequence. Hence them seeing his hand chopped off. lol But yes, it would certainly deter people more often than not. Interestingly enoug...
Astralis vs Liquid
Maybe we will see Liquid versus mibr in the finals! Now that would be a bad ass match!
Astralis vs Liquid
Well, nitro got his wish. I really hope they kick the shit out of Astralis.
Is Golden the right IGL?
Well said. On the flip side to that coin, if youre going to break them down you need to build them up as well. Screaming and berating mistakes shows passion for the game, hopefully he is bringing them...
Fallen on fire
Fallen and Tarik with the hard carry!
Randomly Alt Tabbing
I greatly appreciate it, but your kindness makes me want to hook you up even more! That was my first game in weeks that didnt alt tab me out.
G2 will abuse Complexity
Alright, lets chat :)
Randomly Alt Tabbing
So far so good! If it works the next time I play (I only played one game), pick your skin. Thanks!
USA is modern Rome.
Bruh, I love my Country and we are certainly the most influential country right now, for both good and infamous reasons. I dont know about the rest of what you said though. I mean, the French invented...
400k viewers
I didnt say anything about groups bud, I dont know where you got that from. "The Major tournament playoffs ran from Friday to Sunday and regularly had over 300,000 concurrent viewers on Twitch during...
400k viewers