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MM Rank is so fucked
if you want a good MM rank stay active and dont lose the rank - grow up you child.
Made my first million AMA
surely you know if you have 3 or 4? it's not hard math.
Aim_Botz 100 Kill challenge
teams that were once on top but suck now
I think IEM X was in Katowice
They don't have the skill of too many players. Only so long your better game sense will last...
teams that were once on top but suck now
Apologies I forgot dennis wasn't in the lineup. Still with dennis in late 2015/ early 2016 over a period of 4 months they won: FACEIT 2015 Stage 3 Finals Fragbite Masters Season 5 ESL ESEA Pro...
teams that were once on top but suck now
NiP (Ranked #13 - say no more, it's NiP FFS LOL) (Just WTF way too often ATM) NaVi (Underwhelmed most of 2017, pretty much never challenge for events now) fnatic (Same lineup that won Ma...
CAR people come
Trucks or Cars Pick one
How tough is it to face Kenny ”KennyS” Schrub at this moment?
Your mind is weak if you struggle with confidence in a computer game. Still amazes me pro's have this issue...
Torrent sites? i'd use a VPN
GeT_RiGhT by athid
athid the legend
sexy cars
Porsche 911 R
I loved it at cinema! Thought it was pretty dam weird and entertaining. Don't know why people are hating so much. I did think the ending spoils it a little, there was no need to go all superhero mode....
Insane Deagle Ace
thats crazy
"without me even clicking on a fishing link" "the link sends a virus to your computer" What?