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Get_Right whoring again?
"He can easily google it, and donate and be done with it" That isn't the most effective way to help a charity. People are going to cry no matter what, but actually doing something other just gifting ...
Epsilon vs EnVyUs Academy
epsilon need smooya
Java programming is life
you can't have seen many IT departments - I'd give about a 5% chance he isn't the above
Java programming is life
programming isn't the only skill in a work place by the way
Support Role
1) keep reminding the entry fraggers not to be careless fucks 2) keep picking up the bomb from retards who want to entry 2) throw smoke 3) throw flash 4) trade kill 5) win clutches
Java programming is life
don't know any code cos I have a life gg
Eminem <3
when you release crap like this it is kind of deserved, I mean the trump rant was just awfully embarrassing
Eminem <3
why does eminem just talk angrily now.. he used to be so much better :/ I hope the albums good but I have my doubts
Traps is it gay ?
wtf is a trap?
Can I ask when you started following MMA as a sport? I can't bear to read your comments it's so patronising. I don't need a lesson on people's history apart from clearly the cost of a camp which liter...
You have the cheek to call people bad? Are you aware of the lack of skill involved to maintain global rank... I am literally outclassed by so many UK players, bare in mind it is a country with no top ...
Pele or Maradona?
Different ages of football lets not compare.
1) Apparently I think TJ would be in the UFC without Team Alpha Male 2) Thanks for clearing up TJ won the belt in Team Alpha Male 3) The other camp are not paying him more money 4) Do you even know wh...
I am sorry but how is he a traitor? I am not how long you have followed MMA but if you can't notice the change in TJ since being trained by Duane Ludwig you're clueless. I will assume you have noticed... vs Endpoint
uk 2 strong