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Is double AWPing worth it?
it's not. The Ak is still the better gun and the ak will always be picked up off the ground even if a player has a a1s in hand.
Is double AWPing worth it?
chill. it's not the kreig or aug when they would actually drop the awp when they saw one on the ground.
Liquid announce daps as new coach
Not true. They were a top 10 team with Stan for like 1.5 years. They won a couple lan events against top teams. the team fell apart after ethen left. They were #11 when ethan left for valorant. then t...
Liquid bench shox and adreN
Liquid have a lot of problems and shox was one of the biggest. He was the lowest rated player on liquid during his time. Yes even lower than Nitro. It's not all his fault. They had a coach that was go...
Liquid bench shox and adreN
About time Adren is benched. He has missed half of the events the last two years. I understand he had more important things, but his frequent absences hurt the team the more he did it. inconsistency w...
Vitality book semi-final spot over ENCE
round 28 on nuke was one of the biggest throws i've seen live
CS:GO update brings changes to M4A1-S and Ancient
it nerfs the ability to multi frag not the ability on 1v1 gun fights. Which the ak already has that advantage with the 1 bullet potential.
CS:GO update brings changes to M4A1-S and Ancient
with armor you would literally need to hit every single shot to ace without a headshot. which is nearly impossible. Good luck hitting exactly 4 shots per player. If you can do that you probably deserv...
CS:GO update brings changes to M4A1-S and Ancient
If you plant in the back of the site pit should still be fine.
CS:GO update brings changes to M4A1-S and Ancient
spamming is not the biggest impact of this nerf. The biggest change we will see is multi kills.
blameF earns MVP award for Pinnacle Cup Championship
all the other players in this tournament also had the chance to get opening frags against ecos. Not just blamef.
ENCE best FURIA to reach Dallas grand final
still mad
peacemaker suspension lifted by ESIC
Is ESIC still releasing a report about NA match fixing in 2 weeks? oh wait that was two years ago.
What will the regional distribution for IEM Rio look like?
The point is they have 2 EU rmrs and the major slots aren't even divided equally for them, because of the odd number of legend and contender spots. Then one rmr is harder than the other so they give t...
What will the regional distribution for IEM Rio look like?
should've separated EU and CIS for the rmr
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