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I dont say hes worse im just hyped up
yes, and xqtzz for coach
Languages you speak?
I am exotic i mean not really, I have been there several times
Top 20 players 2021: 4th
sh0ro (my vote is sh1ro but i call this noob sh0ro)
Languages you speak?
Borsh is actually Polish (I think) and it's called barszcz Salo is Ukrainian i think Vareniki are also Polish (100%) and they are called pierogi
Languages you speak?
lmao I mean i associate Italian language as the most beautiful langueges on the Earth so yeah, that's what I meant Also, I know some Italian words, but neither of them are swear words
Top 20 players 2021: 5th
all top 6 (99,9%)
NiKo top 3 bot
which nordic language to learn?
I wanna learn Norwegian, I think it's such a fun language to learn.
Top 20 players 2021: 6th
Languages you speak?
Is norwegian hard? I wanna learn it since i want to move there in 15 years or something
Languages you speak?
Did not even kbow there were swear words in italian
Languages you speak?
Polish (native) English (very good) French (I remember maybe 3 words, i have had lessons of it when i was in kindergarten) German (not too bad) Spanish (I can count and 5 other words) Russian (I can o...
Languages you speak?
Haha that's funny actually (I believe it's real but it's still funny)
I play on 16:9 from the beggining and i feel really good on the awp. I would recommend you to adjust viewmodels and cl_bob to your own preferences and adjust your sensitivity and aim to the new resolu...