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G2 announcement
mantuu confirmed it on his instagram
128 tick fax
The hole dynamic of mm being useless and just for casuals is stupid. In every competitive game, (Dota LoL, Valorant, Overwatch, R6), the mm system is working. But you guys think it's healthy and norma...
128 tick fax
Why should I have to play in a competitive platform to use utility? Why should I have to learn a lineup twice to be able to play casually?
128 tick fax
128 tick fax
Just because you can't tell the difference in shooting doesn't mean it ins't more accurate, and also if you are higher than silver you surely have heard of jump throws, or bunny hops where there is a ...
faceit fps
I did and I upgraded. Any pc that cost more than 400$ can run cs comfortably, but in your comment you act like some1 needs a 700$ pc which is straight up lies. It's not 2017 anymore, 99.99999% of play...
128 tick fax
If Valve actually cared about frames they wouldn't have put a new update that shatters your frames and not have fixed it for a month.
faceit fps
just like I said before the difference is miniscule between tick rates, anyone who can play cs now will be able to play cs after
faceit fps
the problem is faceit client/ac it has nothing to do with ticks
faceit fps
The difference between 128 tick and 64 tick frames in minimal, it's less than 10 frames for a pc like that, congratulations you just misinformed dozens of people cause you're an idiot
LookingForOrg vs Wisla Krakow
you could see he was lagging on stream, something is wrong with his setup in the uk
that's what kenny is doing, he's picking up esea advanced french players and putting them together with him and amanek
elige and freakazoid
loba can't speak english and I hate all the gambling ads,