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Financial Analyst by day, an avid gamer by night. Loves F1, Tennis, and competitive eSports. A proud mother of a beautiful daughter.

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Iphone 11
"Your logic is stupid" is your argument? Why did I even bother talking to someone who has his brain stuck up so deep in his own ass? I bet having addidas stripes on a phone is also some kind of innova...
Iphone 11
Why do I have to look up the stuffs I've previously owned? If a couple of stripes/lines/bands/size/colors are considered "innovation" to you guys, I don't know what to say. iPhone 5 design had been re...
Iphone 11
You said you like all iPhone models except 7? 7 shares the same design as iPhone 5 to iPhone 8.
Iphone 11
5 6 7 8 are the same design....
Astralis vs Liquid
Can we just appreciate how awesome the crowd is in Germany? They cheer for every good play regardless of who they support. If this was the United States, it would just be "USA USA USA" and dead silenc...
Asians eat dogs
Isn't that great? Free cleaning service for you mate.
I heard CLG Red might have an opening
-coldzera +kNg
cogu > kng
Coldzera in negotiation with Faze
instagram is srs biznes men
zywoo or s1mple
Zywoo doesn't tilt, he's as robotic as markeloff was in his peak in 2010-11. s1mple has more experience and slightly more skilled but he's a tilt machine. I think Zywoo is more lethal than s1mple at ...
EliGE xD
God EliGE
Japan and weebs come here
As a Chinese person I feel we need at least a formal apology and acknowledgement of your crimes.
Nitr0 is a snake
One of the more creative insults on this site.
Twistzz gf
I know you guys are beautiful people irl, but is it really necessary to knock down someone's girlfriend just because you can't get a boner from looking at her?
Counterstrike will never die but it would be nice to have more support from volvo instead of funneling all their budgets on doto2