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standard famas bullshit tho.
first day on work in 4hours
new esea better than faceit?
The anti-cheat on ESEA is way better, so yes... its worth buying now when they have ranks and elo.
You do realize that every player you mentioned are or was in-game leaders of some of the best teams in the world? Stop watching Thorin videos.
So he was basically carried for over 10 years according to your argument. Seems legit. Anyway, yes... he was a very good player and have in-game leading experience to be a tactical coach.
I recommend that you check out his profile over at SK Gaming. He has a list of some of his merits, rofl.
I recall him being the in-game leader of several SK Gaming lineups in 1.6. He has the experience and mindset to be a good tactical coach.
Stewie2k haters
Hate is a word used to much in this community. I dislike the fact that people consider him good even though it's painfully obvious that the guy has zero brains. Aim is something you can practice an...
"Dude on venice beach sold us fake adderall"
I agree, Bo1 to decide who qualifies to the largest tournament of the year is far beyond retarded.
mgl shit
I find these american streams very boring because of the casters accents. The american accent is so monotone and has zero cadence which makes it hard to listen to for a long period of time.
most overrated players
Device and olofm - Never seen more overrated players.
why brazil is so poor??
Because they spend all the money on football instead of education and public health, sad but true.
Finnish Girl
Isn't Petter Northug a god in Norway?
Csgocytosis free money free 100$ dollars