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Top 20 players of 2021: b1t (9)
He got even top10 placement. Literally career SPEED RUN.
ESL announce complete team list for IEM Katowice Play-In stage
NAVI overcome Gambit to win BLAST Premier World Final
When you look at the mvps and see that some clowns are listed there, while Electronic falls to the 1 Mvp category. I hope in 2022 Elec and maybe B1t catch some of those shiny medals.
Zywoo hate
I got second hand embarrassment from you replying to this polish braindead (assuming) Holy shit, just checking if you are alive
Video: s1mple - MVP of BLAST Premier Fall Final
1 more MVP and we brake Device's record. Letssss go S1mpleeeee
s1mple awarded BLAST Premier Fall Final MVP
Be happy he will not be playing in IEM winter so that the others can win one as well lmao
NAVI claim BLAST Premier Fall Final trophy over Vitality
Old Astralis could if this was Navi of 2018 with Flamie and Navi having their weak tactics, which was S1mple go kill, S1mple top fragging every game. No way Astralis could hold this Navi down, i mean ...
NAVI claim BLAST Premier Fall Final trophy over Vitality
The reason they took nuke is simply because they were playing with nothing to lose after losing first map, shox is gonna leave, there is a high probability that kyojin leaves as well and they just wan...
Natus Vincere vs Vitality
Lmao, he has like 5 maybe 7 after these last tournaments..
NAVI stroll into grand final with 2-0 win over Vitality
Finally, this will put an end to the S1mple and Zywoo threads.
cadiaN on Astralis matchup: "The winner is going to have bragging rights for months, maybe years"
What do you expect from Cadian? You want him to fight fair and square...