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Muslims explain this
If you think every way of conduct is normal, then there is no heaven no hell and death is the end, this world is only science. You have free will
Muslims explain this
Ok I will make it simple: Islam is religion of peace for the man who submit himself and searching for it, Allah has no mercy for disbelievers and it's not like christians "love everyone, accept everyt...
Muslims explain this
ofc in Quran this world is owned by Allah, humans have to kneel and accept his supremacy
Muslims explain this
2.244 this sentence doesn't mean fight with weapons but struggle 3.56 non believers (other people than jews christians muslims) will suffer on earth and in hell for being unfaithfull, this world is fu...
Muslims explain this
allah: forgive ignorant he doesnt know what he is expecting for and what I reserve
Muslims explain this
Those verses speak about the Jews who stopped believe in Moses and God when Moses came to mountain for the 10 rules of God. He stayed in mountain 40 days and when he came back they were adoring "fake ...
adren and boltz
21st century, tons of shit on screen
PGL rigged
Flipsid3 vs fnatic
henryG Haircut
no that's the problem, I see it, he doesnt
pgl is a joke
after Thorin no end talk, coldzera tatoos interview... it's really hard not to shut the fukin stream before a game start
henryG Haircut
henry is trying his best tbh
henryG Haircut
im not sure about that, looks ugly and oily
ZywOo T1
ZywOo with many accounts trying to promote himself on forum xD, every fukin page this retard try to speak about him
mouz with lowel