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democrats come here
My man says this like our previous democratic president Obama doesn’t hold the record for deportations.
democrats come here
You know the war in Afghanistan was started by George Bush right? And Trump continued it, but Biden ended it. So technically Trump has 1 war and Biden has -1.
minorities in the german army [history]
Honestly I don’t think he’s done a video on that, but Three Arrows is an awesome source for German history on YouTube.
Need help
That’s probably something to do with your fans, how many do you have, and do you clean the case regularly?
Navi looking scary
Why cuz you have a hard on for their average IGL? Boomb14 isn’t even close to Gla1ve. And Blad3 isn’t even close to zonic either
I mean, they beat MOUZ, VP, Astralis, G2, SK and FaZe at that Major.
Navi looking scary
Aside from a significantly worse IGL and no notable 2nd caller I agree they are pretty similar blue print wise.
Tarik pls help TR CS
I would guess if Tarik didn’t return for Stewie’s EG, he won’t ever return to CS.
Original Naruto or the Shippuden
I prefer One Piece or Full Metal to Naruto, but the Land of Waves, Chunin Exam, and Akatsuki arcs are great.
Original Naruto or the Shippuden
I mean, most individuals powers were a result of their zanpakto. Also I thought she did die? (I haven’t seen it since it aired originally)
jay cutler
Jay Cutler is truly one of the best defensive players of his era. Picks left and right. A legend just like Eli Manning.
I think people that believe they have poor social skills or just have social anxiety in general become paranoid about being outcast by their friends. I would say try your best to continue your friends...
Old Games
Can’t not have Bioshock on there my boy. Tho I believe Infinite is after 2010.
Need help
What exactly do you mean by “working loudly”? Like it sounds like it’s a Jett taking flight? Or something else
Is G2 the new Navi?
Imagine comparing huNter to Electronic or Jackz to Perfecto