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some sort of anal raping preferred
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russia is a 3rd world country
You have to realise that everything that Chechnya and Kadyrov does has very little to do with Russia. Its been a 'country of itself' for a long time now. Russians and the government cant do anything a...
russia is a 3rd world country
saw it on reddit the other day, had a good laugh
russia is a 3rd world country
wow, you are really clueless about Russia lmao
Juventus vs Barcelona
he is DQed for 3 la liga matches
the only skill required to play football is being good at acting like you are in some kind of drama-shit movie when opponent touches you
Windows 10 FPS
feel you, seems like new update just messed everything up (as always)
Wars ur country won
lol got carried by ussr and talking shit now wow
Buying <100000 ID account
why would anyone give a shit about such a thing pm me lol
Most illegal thing you have done?
you are right these guys would get punched on the street just for being a smartasses you are never safe in this kind of situations, there is going to be a fight if at least one of the two wants it a...
3 aimlocks in one highlight video
Liquid dumb
pimp is literally the best player on the team alongside with jdm atm wtf are you guys talking about
G2 Envyus shuffle
then how come such a great team (probably the best team in the world according to you) cant get out of groups? even out of groups of death since they are so good?
cloud9? Wardell?
ban this kid already
C9 Wardell?
nice b8 m8
sites to sell skins for real money
thanks ill give it a try