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Ukraine come here
rekt gz ukraine
ex-Epsilon vs Nordavind
I have stopped watching NVD, used to watch everything before but its just so boring and bad, cba waste my time on this shit anymore.
Norway come here
Nothing, pretty much the worst cities in the country.
its just reskinned
blameF 70k$ salary
i don't get how they thought blamef was worth 500k buyout and 54k a month
Nordavind vs Heretics
yea but rubino was without a team for like 2 years since he ruined his carreer when he left dignitas and is getting old and irrelevant, while cromen subbed for faze like 8 months ago
Nordavind vs Heretics
i cant believe how shit cromen is after faze. he was actually a beast before faze and after that he has just been playing like a random lvl 10
Norwegians COME HERE
Its very good (alot better than it looks), but not as good as pinnekjøtt.
Heretics vs Nordavind
What is up with nordavind, they look like they haven't played CS or pracced for 4 months . Before the summer they looked alright and getting better, but after summer dogshit
Most toxic nationalities in csgo
1. UK 2. Turk 3. Russia Germans always whine
Real country tiers (all countries)
Denmark, Iceland and mby Finland T1 rest is good analysis mens)))))))
SJ vs Nordavind
idk wtf they are doing
SJ vs Nordavind
he played for them in ESEA yesterday, its probably just a lineup restriction because hallzerk didnt play the opening match of this tournament. also he has been sick which is why he hasn't played latel...
SJ vs Nordavind
why do you think he left them?
SJ vs Nordavind
ye hes playing, its just not updated since last match