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NiP vs
its VP vs some1 (winner stays)
Who is #1: shox or GTR???
there is no #1 at the moment, its not like used to be gtr/shox or 1.6 neo/f0rp/gtr now gtr/shox/pasha/ kennys / guys from dignitas can be easly beat team single handed since there is no team... vs LDLC
you're licking french balls 2much with this 2nd or 3rd same post vs LDLC
byali 'gg fuck you' truth has been spoken vs LDLC
i didint bet any items, but still its pathetic to 'get ddosed' xx times per match when enemy team is winning 1 round per 20min, ofc you can say that kqly dc'd now when they are 15-14 but still lol ... vs LDLC
french k1ngs trying to get vp mad to leave server;d vs LDLC
the loseres strikes again vs LDLC
kill yourself lcdc pls ~~
Na´Vi new vp
what is this compare?:D they placed #1 katowice #2 cph #top2 tournament before katowice, dont remmeber name and failed now once, so whats the deal?
Best series? :)
can you spoil me a bit one three hill? I watched till season 6 or 7 dunno, when they grev up scott had new girlfriend and started to ignore payton + this kid died ;c dunno if its worth watching, foun...
Best series? :)
you should really check : -Helix (its really nice series but REQUIRES brain :D) -for chill S.H.I.E.L.D (marvels series) -Game of Thrones just couse I love book.. -Spartacus LOVE IT, but its sam...
What about Titan ?
well theyt are still top4 for sure, it was just missplay and they get cocky something what happens earlier with snax/pasha they missed xx awp shots (most of them would won round for them) but they don...
Titan vs
you meant pasha/snax missing easiest awp shots?:D
Asiimov/Redline giveaway
AWP redline - 'AWP MASTAH'