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Taco and zews were the problem
Taco was cheering for them. Guess he really wanted them to win. Didn't see anything from Zews, though.
Taco and zews were the problem
Liquid plays the basics very well and now they are even more skilled, so it's no surprise. But don't forget they learned to play like that with Zews. So, if he can teach this kind of stuff to the lik...
Astralis vs Ghost
Gla1ve and xyp9x cheating like crazy. No point at even denying at this point.
Luminosity vs FaZe
Don't know who the fuck is pancc, but you guys can get rid of him already. Not even coaches play so bad when filling an absence. But this piece of trash goes beyond anything I have ever seen.
best lineup in ur nation
coldzera fallen trk kscerato felps
-nitr0 +FALLEN
I don't know why you'd want that. Fallen's tactics are bad and stupid. Just watch what he lets fer do. He couldn't really find a way around ETHAN rushing mid all rounds on mirage right now. He has b...
S1mple who? OMEGALUL
You called coldzera a baiter and you are a fan of DEVICE? Talk about hipocrisy.
Weird. I thought it was the opposite. My personal top5 is s1mple, device, electronic, niko and then any astralis player. Never thought anyone would think differently.
Is device a top 10 player?
I hope this is a bait. Device is awesome. Of course he is very safe for our standards, but that is a style that suits his team and is obviously very, very useful. We can't say only players that take ...
MiRB - Astralis
Astralis is a much better team. MUCH better team. MIBR is incredible at duels and individual plays. Plus, they have fallen and coldzera. If MIBR can make the game come to duels (which astralis norma...
I miss prime fallen even more, but yeah. I miss prime cold too hehe
He is more complete than anyone else. But on skillwise alone and being able to multikill like an animal, s1mple is unmatched.
I'm i MIBR fan but you're so right. I like tarik, believe it or not. But honestly think cold and fallen are the two great players of the team.
His haters used to say he baited Taco for kills, which is honestly stupid, since they played on opposite sides of the map on both T and CT side (most of the maps). And Coldzera was so good because he...
Waiting for Niko apology
They would stay away if they just shut up about it, fallen and ynk.