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fnatic vs FaZe
You messes with Coldzera and you failed like the rest.
Zywoo overrated
Cold is a god at closing rounds, playing with information and dueling when he has information. Why would he open rounds or entry? It would simply be stupid. S1mple can do it all, he is incredibly goo...
Zywoo overrated
It's funny how things are. When Coldzera stopped performing like a complete beast, suddenly s1mple was the "best player ever" and cold was a baiter for everyone. Now that s1mple isn't performing at t...
Yeah, cause he is better now than he was in 2016/17, right? lol
He seems rather inconsistent for that. Time will tell.
Decent. Sure. The guy is virtually invincible at duels and what you see is a decent play.
Zywoo vs Cold and Niko
"fan of s1mple". Delusion checks out.
Zywoo vs Cold and Niko
In their primes, they would make zywoo look like Karrigan. But yeah, nowadays Zywoo is a better player. But not better than both of them combined. Also vitality is not better than current faze, as it...
Best awper to ever touch the game, comparable only to markeloff, kennys and fallen. Now close. vs FaZe
Cold is such a f#cking beast. God damn.
SK's historic 2017
Yeah. Coldzera is the GOAT, but Astralis is the best team ever.
Cold Karma
You're actually watching the game? What the hell?
Haha. This didn't age well, huh, retard?
"Seek help" it is.
You got me on the first half, not gonna lie. Hope you don't REALLY believe olof was better than Coldzera at any point in time. If you do, seek help.