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Bpro vs Endpoint
bpro fangays thought its over after 1st map, hope you enjoy your karma kids. Ty so much for the odds <3
Bpro vs Endpoint
lmfao nexus with blatant matchfix missing easiest sprays that even a nova would hit them also check veto ugly kid, bpro banned their best map and picked their worst, its fixed. Im glad that I got 1.8 ...
Bpro vs Endpoint
0/8 bpro has no chance when robiin plays kiddo, ty for odds
Bpro vs Endpoint
i dont know how are the odds 50/50 and not like 1.4 on endpoint, but I'll take it lol
ORDER vs Tainted Minds
this is fixed for 2-0 order surely letting your worst map through, then picking the map where you lost 7-16 last time you played vs order instead of picking dust at least you could make it look leg...
x-kom vs Smoke Criminals
ty for odds criminal bettors
x-kom vs Smoke Criminals
Smoke criminals are trash, bet your life savings on xkom, great odds
AGO vs Sharks
yes they live in portugal?
DreamEaters vs Quantum Bellator Fire
Dynasty vs MC
no, he's swaying MC should win
Avalanche vs Malvinas
CGL "Professional" XDDD 1st $310 2nd $60 XDDDDDDDDDDDD
Hysteria vs The Fundamentals
hysteria are the better team, but skillwise fundamentals should be better, so if both teams are qualified to MDL Relegation I can actually see fundamentals taking it
wtf are you saying? xD? they asked snatchie to play this game even though hes not a part of their team anymore, it means they do care. miniroX won't make any "debut". he's their coach u stoopid. The...
snatchie playing, ago 1.9 odds what is life
ownage vs BlackOut
ez ownage