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stop with that, draken isnt really that good, he literally has not achievements and no lan experience , the best in nip imo are f0rest and xizt, the rest are very very bad I mean gtr and friberg and ...
f0rest should start a new team with Xizt (but him not being IGL ) :D
disco doplan > draken
come on NiP, I'm a fan of f0rest and gtr since really the stone age, but even my grandmother knows that this line up isnt working at all :], its time lads for a change and bright future
NiP deserve spot at qualifications
The players themselves are very good players for sure. The problem is much more complicated, it is something going inside the team and inside the org for sure. After so many years playing with the sam...
The New NiP
He is pretty consistent I would say, He has been not so good only in this qualifier
NiP vs
tactical pause against igame ? :D sounds funny , i like nip but they need to figure their shit out
Fnatic 100% fix
gtr is top3 from 2009
NiP vs EnVyUs
people expect too much from them, they will never be top1 again, i dont think they even want to :) enjoy some cs lads, thats it
Ropz Salary?
i dont know whos right , whos wrong between you two but insulting others is not a sign of intelligence
FaZe vs HellRaisers
when hellraisers became so good ,really ?
NiP vs
so far i mean
NiP vs
honestly it shoud've been 13:2 but anyway great game
$20,000 Subaru Invitational revealed
damn it
NiP win FACEIT March Cup
it was an amazing match for sure