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Dignitas vs Sprout
as much as I don't want to say it, honeymoon is over, its not acceptable to have a map pool of 1 map, all of them are way too inconsistent, you can't be a god on 1 map and completely disappear on the ...
Dignitas vs Sprout
dignitas forgot how to play in two hours break
Dignitas vs DBL PONEY
good job dignitas, keep it up, but this team shouldn't have taken 13 rounds on Vertigo, that is not a sign of improvement whatsoever
Heroic vs Gambit
and this is where Champions' mentality is needed, maybe Gambit lacks it, let see I guess, come on Gambit !!!!
G2 vs Spirit
Spirit are simply outaiming them, individually they are superior, gj Spirit great performance so far, really enjoying watch them play
G2 vs Spirit
man you have some serious problems, stop spamming the page with your useless comments please
Heroic vs 9z
you realize that Heroic and Gambit are on a different level right now ?
Liquid vs Dignitas
I can't believe this, finally a t1 win, I am so happy for you guys, keep it rollin and smash whos next <3
Gambit vs Heroic
its seems that Heroic want to win it more than Gambit, but Gambit will be back next tournament, I am sure of that
Gambit vs NIP
lets be honest, everything different from 2:0 in favor of Gambit would be a surprise, the level Gambit are showing right now is unmatched
K23 vs Dignitas
good job dignitas, keep failing these qualifiers and snow sweet snow is all you will get...
Gambit vs Astralis
Gambit on Vertigo 92% wins (12 maps played)
Complexity vs Natus Vincere
Gambit vs Spirit
they already are a top team, just not the no. 1 team :), stop whining and enjoy some quality CS, for kids like you everybody is trash, no exceptions
AGO vs Dignitas
+1 lol