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Dignitas era
What happened to them ? It seems that there is no upcoming events for them. Maybe its time to hang out the mouses I guess.
hes awesome as always, the best
Fallen accuses 16 year old of cheating
knowing the consequences, you get what you deserve when you are being little cheating punk, unfortunately as many others (i.e flusha) he will get away with it and will continue playing
What did 1.6 do better than csgo
I don't understand why are all these arguments needed, you could simply say - it feels WAY better playing 1.6 and I don't need a reason to explain it, it is what it is (at least for me)
MAD Lions vs Dignitas
I know that they are suppose to be playing just for fun but it doesn't seems they are having fun watching their faces on the stream, constantly losing can't be fun, good luck guys anyway gg
mousesports vs Dignitas
from what I have seen, train is the best dignitas's map, lets hope they win it this time, lets go boys
where should lekr0 go?
would be nice to see him in dignitas, but doubt that
Dignitas vs Complexity
What is the point of this match ? Both teams are done here I guess, right ?
Dignitas vs Astralis
train could have been easily a win for dig if wasn't that eco loss jesus.... anyway lets hope they win it now
ENCE vs Dignitas
Each time they face some decent team, dignitas tend to fail
Dignitas vs fnatic
can't believe this, I am REALLY HAPPY form their performance for the first time in a WHILE, good job guys you did it yahooooooooooo
Dignitas vs fnatic
imagine Xizt actually doing some dmg...
Olof Goat
f0rest was player of the year in 2006, anyway he was consistently at the top for many years, many great players has said that he is the best they have ever faced, but most of them were form 1.6
Dignitas vs NiP
these are the moments that a team can turn the game around, friberg couldn't do that